Enjoy a stress-free move-in or move-out in four easy steps.

1Schedule shipment
2Print labels & pack
3Attach labels & ship
4Arrive stress-free
How Ship Schools works

1. Schedule your shipment.

Book online or by phone.

Tell us where you are shipping from and where you're traveling to. Tip: Schedule your shipment to arrive 1 business day in advance.

  • Enter your contact and shipping info.
  • Select your bag details.
  • Choose your desired shipping dates.
  • Add in your payment information, review and click continue.
  • Complete your order by logging in or creating an account

How Ship Schools works

2. Print your shipping labels and prepare your bags.

We'll provide the labels. Just print and securely attach them to your bags or boxes.

After your order is placed, your shipping labels and instructions will be ready to print. Ensure your label is properly attached to avoid the risk of it falling off in transit.

  • Shipping labels & instructions can be printed from your confirmation email or account page.
  • Print 2 copies of the shipping labels, attach one to your bag or box and place the other in your package. (If you’re shipping in a soft-sided bag, use a luggage tag to attach the barcoded shipping label. If you’re shipping in a box, use clear packing tape to secure the barcoded shipping label).
  • Follow the instructions and prepare your bags before your scheduled shipping date.
  • Secure your items and follow our packing guides below for more info.

How Ship Schools works

3. Drop off your bags or we’ll pick them up.

We’ll pick up your bags from your location on your scheduled ship date.

Simply pack as you normally would for air travel and prepare for shipping.

  • Make sure your barcoded shipping label is visible for carrier pickup.
  • You can also drop off your bags. Use our store locator and be sure to drop off your items by the store's latest pickup time.

How Ship Schools works

4. Arrive on campus stress-free.

Save time, money, and hassle by shipping to school.

Enjoy bag-free travel through the airport. Breeze past bag-check and baggage claim.

  • Our dedicated tracking team monitors your shipment every step of the way.
  • Once your bags arrive, you’ll receive a delivery confirmation via email.

Travel stress-free to and from college and skip the hassle of carrying, checking, and claiming baggage.

Ship to school